Lion President Lofty Bunyon, accompanied by Lion Peter Godsall, presented a cheque for £1000 to Debra Jones of Hi Kent for the purchase of 4 new display panels which will promote awareness of the free services offered to those with hearing impairments.

 Lion President Lofty Bunyon, accompanied by his wife, Joan, and Lion Peter Godsall, presented a cheque for £500 to Shelley Rhodes, Community Wellbeing Manager of Involve Kent at Tonbridge Castle. The donation will go towards the costs of setting up and developing a telephone and face-to-face befriending service to tackle the root causes of ill health including isolation, loneliness, disadvantage and frailty in the Tonbridge area.

VP Lion Keith Bourne welcomed a new member to our club, Miles Harvey. Already a keen volunteer worker in Tonbridge, Miles will soon be enjoying our fun fund raising and service activities.

On Thursday 5 September, Second Vice President of Tonbridge Lions Club Richard Hill, presented a cheque for £500 to Chris Rogers, Director of Tigers Gymnastics Centre and team coach. The donation will assist with the expenses of five club gymnasts who have been selected to represent Great Britain in the European Championships for Acrobatic Gymnastics in Israel next month.

The five gymnasts train at the clubís Morley Road venue for about 20 hours a week, before and after school. They have all won medals at the British Championships in Liverpool before their successful trials for the GB Team. In addition to the cost of the GB Team uniform they need to have competition leotards which are highly decorated.

After the presentation the team were pleased to show Richard Hill and other visiting members of Tonbridge Lions Club, some of their acrobatic gymnastic moves which they will perform in Israel. The Lions were amazed at the strength, skill and composure of the young athletes and wished them every success in next monthís European competition.

Lions  Phil Jesson and Dixon Hawkins draw the winning number in the Egg Raffle at Haywards Farm Shop. The 1.5kg egg was won by Felicity Hayton-Vernet.


 Connor gets his wheels!


Tonbridge Lions Club has recently presented 6-year-old Connor Crawford of Hildenborough  with a custom built tricycle to allow him to get around more easily and even ride to school. Connor suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which, unfortunately, today has no cure.  Duchenne is a fatal genetic disease which means the body does not produce dystrophin, a protein required for muscle strength and function.


The Lions were able to donate the tricycle from funds raised last year with money from a memorial fund for the late Steve Harvey which received donations from fellow club members and from Steveís family and friends. Steve had been in Tonbridge Lions for 30 years. He was president in 2002 and club treasurer for the last 13 years. His widow, Val, aware of Connorís need through the Chasing Connorís Cure charity, proposed helping him directly and the need for the tricycle was highlighted.


Val was able to present the gift to Connor with Lion President Tom Simmons and once Connorís helmet was in place he was able to demonstrate his cycling ability on the garden path. His father, Matthew said, ďWe are so very grateful to Val and the Lions for supporting us and providing Connor with this tricycle.  The tricycle enables Connor to cycle independently with his friends and family which is vital for his wellbeing and independence. We are always so humbled at how fantastic our local community have been since Connorís diagnosis".


Photo: Connor on his tricycle with Tom Simmons, President of Tonbridge Lions, and Val Harvey.