Lions  Phil Jesson and Dixon Hawkins draw the winning number in the Egg Raffle at Haywards Farm Shop. The 1.5kg egg was won by Felicity Hayton-Vernet.


Tonbridge Lions Club is holding an Easter Egg Raffle at pubs and other venues in Tonbridge and neighbouring villages to raise funds to help local charities, groups, and individuals. You might have seen the giant 1.5 kg chocolate eggs in numerous places just waiting for you to sign your name and pay your £1 for a chance of winning 1 of 21 such eggs.


The first draw to take place was at Hildenborough Farmersí Market on Tuesday 2nd April where 100 customers had signed up to support Tonbridge Lions Club in just two mornings and the picture shows the clubís 2nd Vice President, Lion Richard Hill, who visited the market to make the draw and present the egg to the lucky winner Jean Swales. Also shown in the photograph are Julie Kury, who ran the raffle at Hildenborough Farmersí Market, and Lion Dixon Hawkins, who is managing the raffle for Tonbridge Lions.


There are still 19 eggs to be won at the venues listed below. Customers should be able to enter the raffle at many locations until Easter. Hildenborough Farmersí Market held its raffle a little early to make way for its programme of Easter activities over the next couple of weeks. The Cock Horse at Hildenborough has also signed up 100 customers and will soon be making their draw. 


List of participating venues: The Bell Inn, Three Elm Lane, Golden Green; Poult Wood Clubhouse Bar & Restaurant, Higham Lane, Tonbridge; The Chaser Inn, Stumble Inn, Shipbourne; The Rose Revived, Ashes Lane, Hadlow; Hadlow Manor Hotel, Maidstone Road, Hadlow; The George and Dragon, Shipbourne Road, Tonbridge; The Old Fire Station, Bank Street, Tonbridge; The Chequers Inn, High Street, Tonbridge; The Beer Seller, High Street, Tonbridge; The New Drum, Lavender Hill, Tonbridge; The Cardinals Error, Lodge Oak Lane, Tonbridge; The Foresters Arms, Quarry Hill, Tonbridge; The Nelson Arms, Cromer Street, Tonbridge; The Half Moon, Tonbridge Road, Hildenborough; Fleur de Lis Public House, High Street, Leigh; The Little Brown Jug, Chiddingstone Causeway; Haywards Farm Shop, Hadlow Road, Tonbridge; The Plough, Ivy Hatch; Tonbridge Indoor Bowls Club.

 Connor gets his wheels!


Tonbridge Lions Club has recently presented 6-year-old Connor Crawford of Hildenborough  with a custom built tricycle to allow him to get around more easily and even ride to school. Connor suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which, unfortunately, today has no cure.  Duchenne is a fatal genetic disease which means the body does not produce dystrophin, a protein required for muscle strength and function.


The Lions were able to donate the tricycle from funds raised last year with money from a memorial fund for the late Steve Harvey which received donations from fellow club members and from Steveís family and friends. Steve had been in Tonbridge Lions for 30 years. He was president in 2002 and club treasurer for the last 13 years. His widow, Val, aware of Connorís need through the Chasing Connorís Cure charity, proposed helping him directly and the need for the tricycle was highlighted.


Val was able to present the gift to Connor with Lion President Tom Simmons and once Connorís helmet was in place he was able to demonstrate his cycling ability on the garden path. His father, Matthew said, ďWe are so very grateful to Val and the Lions for supporting us and providing Connor with this tricycle.  The tricycle enables Connor to cycle independently with his friends and family which is vital for his wellbeing and independence. We are always so humbled at how fantastic our local community have been since Connorís diagnosis".


Photo: Connor on his tricycle with Tom Simmons, President of Tonbridge Lions, and Val Harvey.

Nicholas Pearce in December and Matt Marshall In January.  Both welcomed by our President, Tom Simmons.


This week we welcomed a new member to the club. Luke Hawkes was inducted by Club President, Tom Simmons and presented with his badge by the Zone Chairman, Lion Neal Charlesworth.